I am laid up from a very bad crash caused by a drunk driver. No orders will be taken for the time being. When I have a better prognosis, I will update this page.

Thank you,

Rob @ HMLA


How long do you take to ship?
All products are made-to-order, hence us not having "stock." While most orders go in the mail within 3 business days, sometimes due to heavy volume they make take 4-7 business days to get shipped out.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is free! In reality, we build it into the cost of our products to save time and worry on your end.

Do you ship to ____? It's not an option at checkout!
We've shipped to 15+ countries in the past, but currently international orders are unavailable until we find a new shipping service. This is due to a price increase from the US Postal Service as of January 20th, 2018. We are hoping to get this ability back in service as soon as possible without it being unaffordable.


Do you take returns?
We do not accept returns. However, all HellMounts are guaranteed for a year from purchase and will be replaced for the cost of shipping if anything happens to them aside from loss or theft.

Do you cover mounts damaged in a crash?

What are HellMounts made of?
We currently 3D print our mounts out of ASA, chosen for its UV-resistant properties as well as environmental durability. We are hoping to offer some cast mounts in the future - there is no current schedule for this.

Installation & Connectors

How do I line up my mount with my helmet for installation?
Airmada instructions HERE, RF1200 instructions coming shortly.

What connectors do you use with your mount?
The stock J-Hook that is included with most cameras works fine. If not, a common choice (and mine, because I kept breaking J-Hooks) is a 20-25mm (~1 inch) straight extension on a standard click-in base.


How are HellMounts made?
We 3D scan and model the helmet in question and design a GoPro-style mount on top of that. We then test our products for durability, ease of use, and proper camera placement before moving them into production.

What helmets do you make HellMounts for?
Please view our Products page to see all available mounts, and we are currently developing mounts for other popular helmets.

Can you make a mount for my ____ helmet?
Drop us a line through the Contact page and let us know what helmet you're looking for. We have a few models currently in the pipeline and knowing what's in demand will help us choose what to move to market.


Where are you located? How long have you been in business? 
Founded in 2016 in perpetually sunny Los Angeles, California. It's motorcycle heaven, by the way.

How many people work at HellMounts?
My name is Rob, and I work as an industrial design engineer during the day and work at HMLA HQ most evenings. While I've had some help off and on, and despite my best efforts to get more people involved in production, I'm still the only person who makes the mounts for sale. I do get help with packing & shipping, but all design and manufacture is carried out by me.

Why do you do this?
Riding in LA is wild and probably unsafe. Being driven by design in everything I do, I made what made sense - a real POV mounting position with the benefit of drag reduction. A few friends tried to get me to sell what I was using on my own helmet to the public. After much reluctance I gave in. Why? I believe that in today's environment of distracted driving, having a "dash cam" is the only way to keep things accurate. I love motorcycling and I want my motorcycle family to be safe out there... And get some great footage, too!

Is this beer box?
Yes, that is a piece of beer carton. Same yellow cartons since we started a business. Why change something that works?